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We are your Investment Managers


DMMD Holdings is an opportunistic investment firm led by highly experienced professionals in Finance, Project Management and Commercial Real Estate.

Our firm belief is that it is critical to avoid material losses – all of our strategies were designed with this in mind. We strive to achieve consistent returns, not to simply “beat the market”. We consider ourselves agnostic investors, as we are willing to patiently scan the market spectrum for investment positions that only fit our niche buy-box. This agnostic approach keeps us from being conflicted by market trends.

Our success is directly connected to our hands on approach to investing by unearthing off-market acquisition opportunities in very specific and select secondary and tertiary markets in the southeast United States. After the acquisition, our Asset Management team gets to work on our curated Business Plans to execute and exceed our own expectations.

It's not about overperforming, it's about setting high standards and sticking to them.



We invest to preserve wealth

We invest to provide opportunities

We invest with purpose

We invest in our areas of expertise

We invest opportunistically

We invest to inspire

We invest to serve


We invest to DISRUPT


Why are we lions?

Mindset is everything. It defines your outlook on life. A lion's mindset is not only King of the Jungle, but as a Pinnacle Leader (as defined by John Maxwell). This is how we see ourselves.


At DMMD, we lead through our accomplishments, enrichment of the lives of others, and through our organization to change the world for the better. 

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